'The Big Bang Theory' Season 10 Reveals Sad Story Behind Sheldon Cooper's Habit Of Knocking Three Times

The latest episode of everyone’s favorite comedy series just aired this week and revealed the reason why Sheldon Cooper knocks three times as the episode delved further into the characters’ relationship dilemmas.

‘The Big Bang Theory’ Season 10 Episode 5, titled “The Hot Tub Contamination” just aired last Oct. 17. The episode revealed the gang’s latest predicaments, which included Howard Wolowitz realizing there were too many copies of his house key, Raj Koothrappali going home single, and Sheldon Cooper having a fit over his bathroom schedule not being followed. All these followed and counseled by Penny and Leonard Hofstadter.

The show began with Sheldon and Penny enjoying an ice cream together when Sheldon suddenly opened up on how he should just start hitting women in ice cream parlors so he can avoid hurting Amy in the future. This lead to Sheldon further confessing to Penny, telling only her the secret behind his habit of knocking three times. Apparently, when 13-year old Sheldon Cooper went home early from school, he accidentally ran into his father and caught him “having relations” with another woman. This traumatized Sheldon and held on to the haunting experience thinking he would end up just like his cheating father. “The first one’s traditional, but two and three are for people to get their pants on,” Sheldon elaborated.

Of course, Penny consoles Sheldon and tells him that he will never be anything like his cheating father as Sheldon and Amy have the most honest relationship anyone has ever seen. As for Raj, he and Stuart Bloom had a man to man talk over a hot tub session about the former’s relationships. Raj recently went from having two girlfriends to none and has kept this fact hidden from his best friends. It seems he was having personal quandaries as he compared his life with his friends who were moving on in life with their respective partners just fine, causing Raj to reflect on his decisions in life. Howard then catches Raj and Stuart having the time of their lives on the Wolowitz tub, causing Howard to rage and him solving the mystery behind the countless duplicates of his house key.

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