Battlefield 1 Single Player Campaign Has Bigger Surprises Than You Think

Battlefield 1 has been gaining more and more fans and as they got to know the game better, more surprises were revealed. Speaking of surprises, the game has more surprises than you think you already know, especially in its single player campaign.

These surprises are the variety of characters you will meet when you play Battlefield 1 single player campaign. These characters are typically non-existent when you play the multiplayer campaign. As New Normative said, all you will see in the multi-player campaign are standard characters which are mostly white men.

So for those players who are looking for a far richer game experience, Batlefield 1 single player campaign is a must try. There you will meet some interesting characters who will help you finish your mission. These colorful characters are the surprise in this mode.

One of these characters includes an African-American fighting in Europe. But the even bigger surprise are the women soldiers you will meet in Battlefield 1 single player campaign. Yes, there are women soldiers in the game and they are fierce. One of those is an Arab woman helping Lawrence of Arabia.

Despite some controversies regarding the historical accuracy of women fighting during the first great World War, it's a kick to find out that the game features these nameless but kick-ass females who are as lethal as any male in the game.

However, these female soldiers have been removed in the online version of the game. Former DICE developer Amandine Coget was furious about it when she learned that this element of the game was removed in the online version.

The issue was quite controversial because DICE's reason for removing the female element from the online version is that 'boys don't like them.' Moreover, another ex-DICE coder said that the reason for this is because putting female soldiers in the game is not believable for the game's core audience which are boys.

Setting these hard issues aside, just go and try Battlefield 1 single player campaign and discover more surprises there. You'll see there are still a lot.

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