PlayStation VR's Simplicity Will Be Its Edge Among Other VR Headsets

PlayStation virtual reality (VR) headset was just released to the market, eliciting the hype and excitement of hundreds of thousands of gamers around the world. However, with today's competition, the newly launched PSVR needs a little something more to offer to consumers in order to stay ahead of the competition.

PlayStation VR Lacks Something But Offers New Experience

Sony might have an advantage with its VR headset but unlike Oculus Rift and HTC Vive that can be used in PC, PSVR is compatible with PS4. Even so, there are plenty of positive feedbacks regarding its performance and quality.

Similar to other Sony's PlayStation hardware, the PSVR is well-built and has high-quality parts. The headset is adjustable and comfortable for the gamers even when they are using it for a long time, according to NDTV. Those who have already tried out the VR headset have also commented that it is very light.

Sony's VR headset is also less complex as it only requires to be plugged into the console It is very user-friendly compared to HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. The blue light on PlayStation Eye Camera will be the signal if the headset is okay and ready-to-use and will be the indicator where the gamer should stand.

PSVR's Disadvantages Can Be Ignored?

Sony might have created an almost perfect virtual reality headset but it still has some glitches. The gamers who have tried it on the conference noticed that the images are blurry and the light produced on the bottom of the headset are questionable, according to Mammoth Gamers.

The players are also waiting for more games that are compatible with PSVR. There are a few titles compatible with the headset, which makes for a huge disadvantage. Nevertheless, many are enjoying the titles that the headset has to offer for now. Batman: Arkham VR is particularly well-received among gamers.

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