Why the iMac 2016 Is Better Than The HP Envy AIO

HP has just met its ultimate competitor right before the end of 2016 after Apple had confirmed to be launching their iMac 2016 version right before the year ends. Throughout the majority of the year, HP's Envy AIO has been dominated the desktops domain pretty heavily. But all is going to change once Apple releases the iMac 2016 this year. People are expecting the iMac to feature a lot of improvements and enhancements in terms of the Graphic chips and gaming experience, which would truly pose a threat towards HP's flagship PC.

The iMac will best the HP Envy AIO by a lot

This can be confirmed through what CIO has published regarding the matter. As per their reports, Apple is leaning towards incorporating a Polaris graphic chips from AMD, which would further improve and boost the desktop's gaming capabilities by a significant amount. HP's Envy AIO outperformed the previous iMac by enhancing its overall graphics capabilities, but this will truly change once Apple does improve on graphics with the iMac 2016. The iMac won't be having any issue with regards to resolution since the current iMac already sports a 5K resolution. But it is something that HP is struggling to maintain in their subsequent desktops, which would ultimately hinder their dominance once the much-improved iMac 2016 comes out.

The iMac will be a heavy performing PC

Reports have already confirmed that the 27-inch iMac will be the best PC to be used for heavy tasks like video editing, thanks to its powerful Intel processor and wide display. As for the overall design and some other specs, not much will be changing for the all-new iMac. But Apple made sure that it would be far better than the Envy AIO. For one, the iMac has a more solid and sturdy monitor compared to the more conservative Envy AIO display. The iMac's OS also updated to Apple's OS X10.12 which is going to take its overall performance to greater heights.

iMac 2016 Price

Once released, the iMac would definitely be a worthy match for HP's Envy AIO, and judging by the sales report by previous iMacs, it would pretty much improve significantly with the upcoming iMac. The iMac 2016 price is going to be up to $3199 on the upper side. But prices may change once the PC is finally out in the open.

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