Destiny: Rise Of Iron Festival Of The Lost Year 3: A More Massive And Exciting Halloween Event Than The Previous Year

Following the confirmation that the Festival of the Lost event is indeed coming up in Destiny: Rise of Iron this year, a ton of details too have been revealed alongside. Slated to kick off by Oct. 24, Festival of the Lost has been promised to offer a more massive and exciting rewards compared to last year.

Festival Of The Lost Year 3 - More Surprises And Rewards

Destiny: Rise of Iron fans must be excited to know what the Festival of the Lost Year 3 has to offer. In a Reddit post titled "Festival of the Lost 2016 Database" last Wednesday, Oct. 19 which was submitted by TheDrock21, it was confirmed that the Emblem/Shader kiosks have stored new masks intended for Destiny's special Halloween event this year. Bungie already made a promise in previous interviews that the Festival of the Lost Year 3 will be filled with more surprises and rewards.

Festival Of The Lost Release Date

It was first reported over a week ago that Bungie had been preparing the Festival of the Lost Year 3 which might happen within Oct. 24 to Nov. 07. However, the Reddit post assumed that the Halloween-themed event will fall on Oct. 25 until Nov. 8. As of this time, the developer has not confirmed the exact dates as to when the event would start and end. In 2015, Festival of the Lost opened on Oct. 26 (Monday) and ended on Nov. 09 (Monday).

Festival Of The Lost -  List Of Confirmed New Masks

The Emblem/Shader kiosks have been confirmed to house all new masks, including SIVA, Aksis, Wolf, Firewolf, Revenantm Ghost, Saladin and Lost Prince. Old masks are said to be updated which include Xur, Travelers, Atheon and Eris, among many others. The event also comes with a ton of quests, emotes, consumables, sparrow, ghosts, shaders and mods.

It remains uncertain if the Festival of the Lost this year will happen in Felwinter Peak or the Tower.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


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