PewDiePie Knows All ABout Titans? Outrageous ‘Attack on Titan’ Theory Presents Uncanny Insights About The Anime

"Attack on Titan" season 2 is only a few months away but many fans are already eager to know what the new season has in store for them. Apparently, some YouTubers who follow the series find the wait too excruciating that they pass the time to make sense of what happens in the anime. Film Theory suggests an alternative view on what's happening in the world run over by man-eating giants, and famous YouTuber Pewdiepie even gets a few seconds of airtime in this outrageous AOT theory.

Don't Attack The Titan

"Attack on Titan" builds upon the story of a society trapped inside a wall. People are not free to roam around since there are huge man-eating giants or titans who dwell on the other side of the wall. While some people are content with hiding inside the wall, some want to get rid of the titans and finally have a taste of freedom.

YouTuber Matthew Patrick suggests that the citizens are better off hiding inside the wall than fighting off the giants since it is the most practical thing to do from a logical standpoint. He goes on to compare the world of AOT to the real world. Using the clues provided in the anime and other popular theories, he comes up to the conclusion that it would take 200 years for the citizens in the wall to run out of food if they decide to seal themselves inside the wall.

He also comes up with the idea that PewDiePie's country, Sweden, might be the actual setting of the anime given the similarities in the statistics and population trends. There's also a quick mention of how PewDiePie could know everything about the human-chomping giants.

"Attack On Titan": What We Know So Far

Based on the statement from the creators, the anime version of "Attack on Titan" would depart from the manga version. While fans are expecting differences, it's highly unlikely that the citizens will just pass the time hunched and scared inside the wall or in the words of the theorist MatPat, "wall and chill."

However, Film Theory does not account for the fact that there are citizens in the wall that transform into titans and that the wall itself is made of titans. Nevertheless, the facts he pointed out are quite interesting and watching it would be a great way to pass the time while waiting for "Attack on Titan" season 2, which is scheduled to air in April 2017.

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