Top 6 Movie Characters You Wouldn’t Want To Meet In Real Life

 Top 10 Movie Villains of All Time
Movies are incomplete without antagonists and villains included on it. They were even, most of the time, the most unforgettable characters on the film. Photo : Photo by CineFix /Youtube

Halloween is fast approaching and people are looking for films that they could watch on the scariest night of the year. People are in for movies with villains that would be remarkable and unforgettable for the rest of their lives. But, there are still some characters you wish you didn't know all along.

Here are some of the most feared villains in films. Villains that you would be thankful for because they are not in fact real:

 1. The Joker

This character was shown in the hit movie "The Dark Knight". He is the worst enemy of the DC superhero, Batman. Heath Ledger, the actor who gave life to the role, won different awards after his portrayal of the character. The character was the main reason for countless homicides and killing of Bruce Wayne's parents.

You wouldn't want to see the character in real life because of his clown-looking features. A physique, you wouldn't want to see even in your dreams.

His famous statement after killing a victim is an added factor why people are scared of him:

 "You ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?"

2. Lisa

The character portrayed by Angelina Jolie in the hit movie "Girl, Interrupted" released 1999. Jolie was popular for her versatility and brilliance in her acting, but playing Lisa was over the top. As a matter of fact, the actress won the Best Supporting Actress due to her great performance. Lisa Rowe, described as sociopathic, is a mental patient who is rebellious, dangerous and manipulative.

Just the fact that she need to go an asylum, makes viewers thrilled and scared to meet her in real life.

3. Don Logan

Sexy Beast was a hit movie back then, mainly because of the character Don Logan. He was feared by the character Gary Dove because of his greed and evil doings. According to Shortlist, his most evil moment in the film was when he tried to enter the lead character's bedroom and tried to punch him as he was sleeping.

4. Ronnie J. McGorvey

A role portrayed by Jackie Earle Haley on a 2006 movie entitled "Little Children". The character was a pedophile that stalks little children. Ronnie, feared by men, was even described as a demon and a drug addict. The character resulted into hating pedophiles in the community.

 5. Darth Vader

The character was shown in the hit film Star Wars and wasn't welcomed by the viewers because of his bad attitude. According to ImDB, Darth Vader's mission was to defeat the Jedi Knights and void the Rebel Alliance using his iron fist. It was later known the reason why the character had to turn evil. With his evil aura, you wouldn't want to meet someone like this in real life. He is faceless and fearless, same thing with how Grim Reaper scares you.

6. James Coughlin

A criminal played by Jeremy Renner on the movie The Town last 2010. He was known as the ticking time bomb in the film proving that he wanted to be free from imprisonment. He would rather die on streets than go back to jail. The effectiveness of the character made Jeremy Renner a nominee for Best Supporting Actor in a film.

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