Pokemon Producer Encourages Fans Who Develop Games To Join Team

Despite several takedowns of unofficial Pokemon-related creations that somehow made it to the web, Pokemon's creator, Game Freak, and its producer, Junichi Masuda is all chill in the matter. The Pokemon series genius also has something to say to fans who are into serious game development: join them.

The Rise Of The Pokemon Franchise

The Pokemon franchise rose to its glory first with the cartoon series starring different monsters to catch. After decades of building into the cartoon aspect, Niantic released Pokemon GO that fuelled Pokemon's popularity even more. Right now, fans are waiting for the new Pokemon Sun and Moon to come out and bring another thrill to its large fan base from all over the world.

Junichi Masuda, producer of the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Moon game acknowledges that fans indeed have their own spin-offs of the franchise. Not only is Masuda aware of the fan-made games, he also encourage Pokemon fans who have the skills in developing games to "apply" and let them both have fun in creating things.

An Issue For Fans Who Want To Be A Part Of Creating Games

Masuda explained that a lot of fans have sent fanart to his Twitter feed. Some also created games but had to be taken down due to issues with copyright and intellectual property. GameFreak does not have a hand with everything. Masuda emphasizes that for him and the fans, the feeling of fun that comes with creating things is just the same. In the end, the Pokemon Sun and Moon producer encouraged fans who are into serious game development to apply to GameFreak to pursue their desire to work on a project or develop a new game.

An Uncertain Invitation

It is still unsure if Masuda is serious with his invitation that fans who have the talent to develop games should apply. There will always be fan games but GameFreak, Nintendo and any other game developer will also take them down from time to time. The good news is that the genius behind the Pokemon Sun and Moon knows how to appreciate fan creations and turn it into something positive and useful for both sides.

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