Teachers In Brazil Thank Pokemon Go For Leading Their Kids To Knowledge

In Brazil, their kids went on a Pokemon Go spree during the winter break and they talked a lot about it when they returned to school. The kids seem to love the mobile app as they can't stop talking about it. As a result, the game has led them to something that would make their teachers thank Niantic for releasing such wonderful game.

Edutopia.org posts that a school in Brazil, who chose to be not identified, used Pokemon Go to inspire an idea to assist in the learning of their students. The article says that at start the teachers were unaware of Pokemon Go, not even the slightest clue of how it works. But at one point, a student exclaimed to their teacher that they have found a Pokemon near certain historic monuments, Albert Eintstein's statue being one of them. The teacher then spread the word to the other teachers, then an idea that it's going to be a great learning experience was thought of, Otakukart.com reports.

So they let the students play Pokemon Go during classes?

No, it doesn't work that way, for one, that's a lot of kids running around unsupervised on busy streets, and is tough to handle. What they did is they took the idea of Pokemon Go and created an adhesive paper version. They even did their own versions of Pokemon in a form of 'mutants' and then hid them in various places around the school - take note, this happens within the premises, not outside.

What's educational about that?

The teachers were smart in connecting the mutant drawings to art lessons and concepts, which are discussed to the students during class hours. Lessons such as physical space occupation, appropriation, and other art stuff were applied to the 'mutant' art that the children are hunting.

They now call the game as Mutant Go and it has been ongoing for weeks in their school. The teachers used their initiative and an inspiration for Pokemon Go to create something of great interest for the kids and at the same time, a learning experience. While on topic, here's a couple of grown up guys playing Pokemon Go at school, at least they came to school, right?

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