Overwatch Update: PTR Patch Won't Change Symmetra; Sombra Sees Imminent Release?

Overwatch game developer Blizzard announced the plans to launch a new PTR update. Following the announcement, Reddit users now agree to the likely addition of Sombra to the PS4, Xbox One and the PC versions of the shooter game.

The announcement posted on the Overwatch forums had Blizzard's confirmation that the new PTR will be launched soon, and that gaming fans should expect something very different. According to the developer, they have been using the PTR to ensure the solid performance of the game, and that no issues would hinder from launching the patch.

It was also revealed that a secondary plan was considered, which is to gather feedback on changes, but the lack of time to try several different iterations of any specific change kept them from proceeding. With PTR that is expected to stay a bit longer, the developer believes that there is a chance to try more relevant hero changes, and make more relevant iterations throughout the PTR cycle.

Moreover, Blizzard also confirms the new PTR patch changes may not remain unchanged, while no changes will be made to Symmetra when the patch releases. There are also speculations that the PTR update will have Sombra, which was described in a leaked memo as  among the best and most notorious hackers in the world.

Reddit users also believe that Sombra is likely to be included in the Overwatch Halloween update that included a ton of Loot boxes. Rumors also claim that Sombra will be included in the Overwatch World Cup celebrations this October.

Meanwhile, an Overwatch league is in the works, as confirmed by Activision-Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick. According to Kotick, they are currently developing a professional content, and organizing around the leagues and teams to ensure a certain number.

Overwatch CEO furthered explained that the teams are going to be comprised of endemic and professional sports teams as owners, PVPLive reported. Watch video about Soldier 76 BUFF, Hanzo Hitbox NERF (Overwatch) PTR Update - August 2016

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