Battlefield 1 Premium Pass: 5 Things PC, PS4, Xbox One Users Should Know

Battlefield 1 DLC expansion has been confirmed for an imminent release for PC, PS4 and Xbox One players. The first free DLC "Giant's Shadow" is slated in Dec. and a paid one early 2017. Furthermore, the game reportedly features a solid single player campaign along with a deep multiplayer experience. In addition, EA DICE is reportedly offering Battlefield 1 Premium Pass or Season pass to allow players to buy into the upcoming DLC.

The Battlefield 1 Premium Pass is said to come with a $50 price tag which is $10 less than the cost of the game and will include four Battlefield 1 DLC expansion packs along with access to the four DLCs two weeks ahead of everyone else. A number of Battlefield 1 deals are also expected to surface online by Black Friday on sites like Green Gaming.

Furthermore, EA DICE reportedly has more in store for Battlefield 1. They Shall Not Pass DLC will be released on March 2017 and will focus on France with new multiplayer maps in the game. In addition, the company is also said to roll out an expansion that will bring the Russian Empire into the game. Moreover, the four DLC  packs will also include 16 new multiplayer maps, game modes, operations, 20 new weapons, vehicles and elite classes, the official site reported.

In other news, the campaign mode on Battlefield 1 is rumored to take on a fresh side. Battlefield 1 is the 14th installment in the franchise but the game is slated to be a jump back to World War 1. It is said to be the best Battlefield installment in years.

Battlefield 1 reportedly boasts its single player story mode. Moreover, the game has gotten bigger, louder and will allow 64 persons in the multiplayer mode. Furthermore, the game will include a multi-part campaign and has a number of chapters called War Stories each with a different perspective in the Great War.  Watch video about BATTLEFIELD 1 PREMIUM! New Maps, Weapons & You Shall Not Pass DLC (BF1 Gameplay)

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