Battlefield 1 Game Rollout: Here's What's Playable For Now; Complete Content Unlock Schedule Here

Battlefield 1 is said to be rolling out in stages as some parts of the game were already made playable with the full game following soon after. Although the game has been slated for an Oct. 21 release, the Play First Trial already contains a limited portion of the game. The Trial already includes single player and multiplayer contents but Early Access players can get the full game sooner.

The World War One shooter game Battlefield 1 Play First Trial contains single player and multiplayer content which was first launched on Oct. 13 for Origin Access or EA subscribers. The Play First Trial version will also include five maps and four modes for the multiplayer mode and Storm of Steel and Through Mud and Blood missions for the single player mode. It should be noted that EA Access for Battlefield 1 is now available on Xbox One while the Origin Access is available on the PC version. However, no version of EA Access is suitable for PlayStation 4.

In other news, Battlefield 1 sniper reportedly fakes out enemy perfectly. The report showed Battlefield 1 moments as listed on Highlight Reel. The medium is said to be used by the site to publish a regular roundup of stunts, great plays and records from the gaming world.

Battlefield 1 moments include Another use for the flare - MrKoDESTROYER, Oh Hello - Bearfodder and sniper decoy works! - Giraffes R Loose. In addition, videos of [Clip] How to deal with tanks - SergeantWinter and Hot Wheels - The Infamous Pancake were noted on the list. Additionally, Halo spins, Max Payne 3, FIFA 17, Madden 17, Overwatch and UF2 moments were also featured. Watch video about Battlefield 1 (2016): Play-First-Trial-Version Lets Playhere:

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