Clash Royale Tips: How Spells Work On Elixir Collector

In the Clash Royale higher grade arenas, it's important that you're aware of various strategies in order to get the upper hand. With the insane amount of growth that the community is getting, it's just natural that the competition within the community gets tighter and tighter. With this in mind, reaching the top of the ladder is a feat worth achieving. Is it hard? Yes - definitely. But always keep in mind that reaching higher tiers is by no means, impossible for a free-to-play player.

With that said, in order to climb up to the ladder, you need to learn Clash Royale basics of countering and maximizing your cards. As basic as maximizing your control over the elixir collector might lead to your win or defeat. So today, we'll be talking about how spells interact with the elixir collector.

Note: For this computation's sake, we'll be using level 7 Elixir Collector.

Poison Level 4

HP Reduction: 550
Seconds Removed Through Damage: 37.7
Seconds Left on Elixir Collector: 30.3
Elixir Left in Collector: 3
Note: When the poison level is the same as the elixir collector, 4 out of 7 elixirs are denied from the collector.

Zap Level 7

HP Reduction: 140
Seconds Removed Through Damage: 9.6
Stun: 1 second
Seconds Left on Elixir Collector: 59.4
Elixir Left in Collector: 5
Note: When the zap is of the same or 2 level below the elixir collector, 2 elixirs are denied from the collector.

Rage Level 4

Duration: 9.5 seconds
Speed Buff: 40%
Seconds Gained By Collector: 3.8
Elixir in Collector: 7
Note: Rage, regardless of level, does not produce extra elixir for your Elixir Collector. It mainly hastens its elixir production.

Freeze Level 4

Stun: 4.9 seconds
Seconds Left on Elixir Collector: 65.1
Elixir Left in Collector: 6
Note: Freeze, regardless of levels, will only deny 1 elixir from the collector.


The best way to deny your opponent's elixir gain via elixir collector is through poison. Take note that this is still active after the recent Clash Royale October update. Also, I don't suggest using rage to your elixir collector as there's a ton of ways where you can maximize the effect of this spell. Learn how to be effective in managing your elixirs and you'll easily be on your way to the top!

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