'The Walking Dead' Season 7 Premieres Tonight: Most Awaited Bloody Death To Finally Happen; Who Will Really Die?

"The Walking Dead" season seven is set to premiere tonight and all the speculations, theories and the like will finally come to an end as the death of a main character will finally be revealed. Thus, whose theories will pan out as the season premieres tonight?

The upcoming season seven premiere of "The Walking Dead" has been talked about by almost all of the people on social media as they await its release date. Ever since the season six finale last April, fans of the show haven't stopped talking and coming up with theories about who Negan will kill during the premiere of the next season. Although they have all hoped for all to survive, the character's death has already been confirmed and shall in fact be revealed tonight.

Will Maggie Be The Unfortunate One To Die In The Upcoming "The Walking Dead" Season 7 Premiere?

There have been many theories on who will meet Lucille in the upcoming season seven premiere but there have been a few who struck out among the rest. One of the theories as to who will die is Maggie; she was not in a really great shape during the season six finale and it looks like she will be having troubles with her pregnancy.

In addition to that, fans of the show have noticed that while "The Walking Dead" was filming for season seven in Georgia, actress Lauren Cohen who plays Maggie on the show was actually spending time at the beach. Thus, this was a quick assumption of the viewers that she was no longer part of the new season.

There are also quite a number of reasons why Maggie could not die as well, especially for one that he is a woman and Negan is known not to hurt women. However, based on the previous interviews with the cast, writers and creators of "The Walking Dead," the upcoming death during the season seven premiere is going to alter the course of the show, indicating that it will definitely be life-changing, both for the characters and the audience. This only means that anyone, even Maggie, could meet the end of her life this coming season.

If "The Walking Dead" Season 7 Follows Through Comics Storyline: Negan Kills Glenn

There has also been a report that if we refer to the original comics upon which the series was based upon, Negan actually kills Glenn. However, there is definitely a big possibility also that the creators might not follow through the storyline of the comics, and create their own dark storyline in "The Walking Dead" season seven. Nevertheless, the most awaited death will finally happen tonight, at 9 PM.

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