Nintendo Switch, A Success Or Failure? Industry Analysts Give Out Their Thoughts

First Look at Nintendo Switch
First Look at Nintendo Switch Photo : YouTube / Nintendo

After Nintendo's 3-minute feature video for the Nintendo Switch has been revealed, fans have been freaking out and game studios have been expressing their interest in developing for the console-handheld hybrid. It showed the world how modern gaming can be by switching from home console to handheld on the go. Other features such as the Joy-Con and group play are also candy for the gamer's eye.

However, not all news are good as reported that stocks for Nintendo fell right after the video release that broke the internet last week - just right after it had a boost in shares before the world teaser surfaced on the internet. Now this is pretty interesting.

With the happenings in mind, it made me wonder if Nintendo is really back in the game. The last time they dominated was in the 8-bit days, and then came 16-bit and the industry was shared by other players such as Sega. The best experience I had with Nintendo was with the N64 where I first encountered a full 3D Super Mario game. During these times, the floor was dominated by Sony's PlayStation and I am one of those who dropped their Nintendo controllers and started picking up game disks instead of cartridges going forward. Then the rest is history, so to say.

I searched online for early data but sources say Nintendo will not give further details about the Nintendo Switch until 2017, and for now, their lips are zipped. Fortunately I have found some good material at that collected a few thoughts from game industry analysts and how they weigh in on the console-handheld hybrid.

The question goes something like, how does the Nintendo Switch tell you on how Nintendo is currently thinking about changing the console market, what are the targeted audiences, and how would they try to position themselves.

Kantan Games Inc.'s Serkan Toto says that Nintendo is trying to replace the 3DS and the Wii U with this "all-in-one" device. He adds that the company never did it before. That said, it is evident that Nintendo now thinks players today want to enjoy games of high quality not just in the living room but anywhere they want. On a final note, he commends the segment where Zelda was showed off describing it to be "gorgeous-looking."

David Cole from DFC intelligence thinks that the audience targeted should be people who prefer a more "plug-and-play system" which allows gamers to switch anytime, anywhere. He also thinks that a huge weakness of the Wii U, Xbox One, and PS4 is that they are too complicated and slow. He adds that the said consoles are designed for "premium gamers", not for people who just want a simple game experience. He also expresses that this is a big potential market and it is one of the reasons why Apple products attract customers, the simplicity of "push-a-button-and-go experience."

The tactic seems to be directed to an older audience, as told by Thomas Bidaux, Ico Partners' CEO. He is particularly intrigued on why Nintendo has embraced eSports and why they feature competitive gaming. Bidaux also said that by moving away from the Wii strategy on motion controllers, they might be risking success but he also thinks that this is an "important evolution".

More in-depth thoughts and actual transcript from prominent video game industry analysts can be found at What are your thoughts about Nintendo's move with the Switch? Share us your thoughts via the comments section below. Here is a commentary about how Nintendo Switch would fare with modern gaming consoles.

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