Physical Wii U And 3DS Titles Not Supported By Nintendo Switch And Why This Is A Good Thing

Nintendo has confirmed that the Switch will not be able to play 3DS cartridges neither Wii U game disks. The world waited for its official online preview yesterday and got a very satisfactory 3-minute video regarding the first official information about the console-handheld hybrid. It was also the video that dropped the project name Nintendo NX and replaced it with Nintendo Switch.

A Japanese gaming magazine, Famitsu, has reached out to Nintendo to squeeze out some more juicy information about the all-new Nintendo Switch. The mag didn't go home empty-handed when receiving details that the new system will not be compatible with physical Wii U and 3DS games. Destructoid translates.

Is it really bad news?

This is isn't entirely bad news since we can assume that the two previous systems will not be riding towards the sunset anytime soon. The Nintendo Switch being allergic towards 3DS and Wii U game cartridges and disks, respectively, would mean that both older gaming systems will still be needed to play previous games. Also, having these older models around for a while may spark some ideas about linking them towards the new gaming machine for some functionality.

Any other juicy news?

Nintendo also confirmed that the Nintendo Switch will come with a couple of Joy-Con controllers, left and right as seen on the 3-minute trailer. However, there is no official mention that the Switch Pro Controller will come with the box.

Beyond that, Nintendo intends to seal their lips regarding the Nintendo Switch's software plans. also said that a Tweet from Takashi Mochizuki, a Wall Street Journal reporter from Tokyo, expressed the console maker will not be making any official statements about Switch's game titles, region lock settings, or technical specifications until 2017. So as of this writing the concern over battery life will still remain a mystery until the gaming giant talks. We still hope it will not explode like the Galaxy Note 7 due to the potential computation demands the console-handheld hybrid will have.

If you have any fresh information about the Nintendo Switch, feel free to hit us with your comments below.

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