Civilizaton 6: The Next Big eSport Flop?

It seems that there'll be another competitive game in the eSport scene following the latest announcement of the first Civilization 6 professional player. Team Liquid has just announced the world's first Civilization 6 pro player, Stephen 'MrGameTheory' Takowsky. He will be leading the future team in the competitive scene as the captain. It seems that Liquid has paved the way for another competitive game in the eSport scene but a lot of fans are making jokes over the newest eSport game.

Civilization 6 Will Be The Next Flop?

A lot of fans are criticizing over Liquid's move of making a competitive scene in Civilization 6. Most of them are worried over the slow paced of the game and how it affects the audience overall. One of the fans pointed out that although the entirety of the game is good, it doesn't translate well into the competitive scene as it'll take basically 150-350 turns - at the very least, to conclude a single match.

One of the fans even made a joke that the announcers will have to make outstanding remarks on every details of the game to keep the hype going as the early stages of the match are basically 10x slower when compared to other real-time strategy games like those of Starcraft 2 and Company of Heroes.

Team Liquid and Civilization 6 in Competitive eSports

Despite the disparity between Civilization 6 and the famous RTS, Starcraft 2, Team Liquid has remained solid in holding future tournaments for the latest installment of the Civilization series. Alongside the announcement of 'MrGameTheory' in the captain role of the team, the organization also announced that it'll hold a tournament on October 29 to find "the most exceptional players in the community" to become part of their official roster.

It would seem that despite the skepticism from both fans and critics, Team Liquid has remained resolute in taking the new RTS game into the competitive scene. It'll be interesting to see how they will host the upcoming Civilization 6 tournament and how they will engage the audience and maintain their attention throughout the match.

What do you think of the upcoming Civilization 6 competitive league? Do you think Civilization 6 is the next eSport flop? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below!

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