Clash of Clans Update: No! Ships Aren't Halloween Treat Yet! Here's How To Use Them!

Clash of Clans are also said to be celebrating the Halloween season with leaked images of the mobile game featuring halloween themes. The upcoming update is also said to roll out a new challenge regarding shipwrecks. Ships have allegedly been repurposed to help bring Gold in for the team.

Clash of Clans Leaks

Previously, the ships in the Clash of Clans were only for display and were not playable. However, a leaked image surfaced online showing the repurposed ships that may soon bring Gold to the clan. On the other hand, the leaked images were not battle ships leading to speculation that the ships would not be involved in the battlefront.

Clash of Clans Halloween Update

A latest report also allegedly revealed that the Clash of Clans players may find a new challenge: Fixing the Shipwreck to make it functional and enable it to be used for earning Gold for the team. In addition, several Halloween themes have also been included in the game like huge pumpkins and spooky decors. The update is expected to remain in the game until the end of the halloween while it is yet to be confirmed whether the shipwrecks will be retained in the game.

Furthermore, the Clash of Clans update may also include the nerfing of miners which are said to be relatively minor changes. It is believed that the update will be arriving this week before Halloween kicks off. Moreover, the update is rumored to roll out with more items and features, some of which are said to be spooky like ghouls and skeletons especially made for the halloween special.

Meanwhile, the October Clash of Clans Update is also rumored to include the Bomb Tower  which may only be unlocked by players who reach Town Hall 8 and higher. There is also a second Bomb Tower in Town Hall 10. The feature is said to become an enormous bomb when destroyed and may act as an added defense for players who are mass-assaulted.

Clash of Clans October Update

Clash of Clans will also feature a new defense strategy with witches and skeleton spells. In the menu tab, "Army Training" will also be a new option with four training tabs included namely Army, Brew Spells, Train Troops and the Quick Train tabs. Finally, several upgrade costs are also rumored for a price reduction. Watch Clash of Clans NEW Update TROOPS & DEFENSES

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