Video Game Genres That Both Kids And Their Parents Play

Did you know that videogames are not totally harmful to kids? Yes, some may have negative effects but they are yet to be proven as there are also other factors influencing your kids to be what they are right now. Enough with the negativity, this article will talk about having quality time with children and videogames.

A survey by Joan Ganz Clooney Center asked around 700 parents on what their children, aged two to seventeen are currently playing. On top of that, there's this question on what games are selected if their folks would play along with them. The survey then ranked the games by popularity, both with children and also parents, reports.

Part of the research information was passed on to developers so that they can have data to study over on what type of games should be developed in terms of marketability. After ranking the 13 best genres, the survey is then broken down by gender responses. The ultimate result is a list of 50 top games played by kids.

What's the trend?

Survey says that strategy and puzzle games are most popular from both parents and children groups, also by children's gender. 78% went with the kids, 77% for the parents. 2nd most popular genre is adventure games, then simulation and building got third. So based on this data, it is important to note that you start from the said genre when deciding to spend time with your kids with videogames.

Further analysis show that boys like adventure games for their second best then followed by building games and simulation games. Trailing behind would be racing games and those games that require motion.

Girls pick simulation and building as their second favorite, and then followed by motion games. Surprisingly dress-up games just came in fourth for girls and last but not least are adventure games.

A full infographic can also be viewed and analyzed here. The said infographic shows that kids' favorite games are dominated by Mario and Minecraft, which is visible anywhere you go. And while on topic, check out the kids' reaction when they meet videogames from the 80's on the video below. Don't forget to share your thoughts via the comments section below.

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