What If No Man's Sky Introduces VR Capability?

It seems safe to say that No Man's Sky is the most controversial game of today. With all the hiccups it went through, there's no doubt that it caught the attention of most gamers. Unfortunately, albeit there are those who are fond of it, its reception in the market wasn't commendable. Nevertheless, it still has the potentials of becoming a successful franchise. Well, this is most especially if Hello Games tries to venture the world of Virtual Reality.

First off, No Man's Sky is not a bad game -- like at all. But as for the question of whether or not it'll go down to history as the worst game of all, it's still a mystery. It could be part of the list, but there's still hope for Sean Murray's title. And yeah, VR might be one of the answers to that.

According to GamesRadar, adding VR feature to No Man's Sky can bring a lot to the table. One is that it can make the game a little bit successful in terms of commercial sales. Two is that it can help add players to its pool, most especially those who are into such feature. Most of all, it can heavily affect the way the game is played and viewed.

In its most organic form, No Man's Sky is all about exploration and stuff. This is why there are those who, after playing the game, got bored. Why? Simply because they're into the usual hack and slash type of games. But of course, NMS is in no way a boring game. It just so happens that it was falsely advertised, thus earning a good amount of hate from the community.

Nevertheless, with the idea of No Man's Sky being an exploration game, this is where VR gaming will fit in. Because, truth is, Virtual Reality is also about exploration. Let alone the fact that it allows players to be in a new kind of world. And maybe, just maybe, with such feature added to the aforementioned game, the experience will be kind of different -- on a good note, that is.

Imagine No Man's Sky players being able to experience the beauty of the 18 quintillion planets. From caves to flora and fauna to whatnots, these can be within reach. Heck, even the thought of jumping into the spaceship and warping into another planet is already an interesting thing to have. This is really a game changer.

While VR can be a worthy addition to No Man's Sky, the final say is still up to Hello Games -- particularly, Sean Murray. There's no doubt that they can bring such into existence, but it's just a matter of time. Or if things will even allow them to do so.

What are your thoughts on No Man's Sky having a VR feature? Do you think it'll make the game more exciting? Tell us what you think at the comment section below!

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