Final Fantasy XIV: The Best Halloween Content Of The Year

Final Fantasy XIV has just started its annual "All Saints Wake" event which is basically a Halloween-themed in-game event where players will experience new Halloween contents including items, costumes and dungeons. The best part of this event is that unlike most games, every All Saints Wake varies from each other almost entirely. And there are always new surprises for players every time.

In this new event, players are to talk to an event NPC in Gridania (as usual) but instead of taking ordinary quests, you are to form a dungeon raid group together with your friends or with random people participating in the event as well. Once the group is formed, your party is then transported to a mansion full of Halloween-themed monsters which you should stay away from as you explore the place to find hints about treasures which are scattered across the dungeon (mansion).

The raid has a special twist in it as you need to finish the raid without losing your "sanity meter" which essentially keeps your team in the raid dungeon. Making contact with a monster or opening the wrong chest will lower your sanity meter. Thus, the best way to clear the Halloween event is to maintain proper coordination within your group as you explore the instance individually. Each one of you must find hints about the location of the chests as well as know the exact order of opening them altogether.

The game's Halloween event surely takes the holiday to a whole new level. It's one of the most intricate Halloween event in all games thus far as it provides not only exclusive dungeon raids but costumes and in-game items as well. It also has an amazing twist in it particularly being stealthy and sneaky as you avoid making contact with the monsters in the dungeon.

The dungeon surely puts the thrills and excitement that's essentially the aspect that a player is looking for in a Halloween event. Also note that you need to clear the dungeons multiple times in order to achieve all items exclusively for the Halloween event. Players have until November 1 to obtain all the new items.

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