Final Fantasy 14 Developer, Square Enix, Will Offer Free PS3 to PS4 Upgrade

The upcoming Final Fantasy 14 expansion Stormblood was just announced by Game Director Naoki Yoshida alongside its plans of finally ending the game's support for the PlayStation 3 platform.

The move, however, won't happen until the official launching of Stormblood which is set to debut in the early summer of 2017. During the latest Final Fantasy 14 Fan Fest which was held in Las Vegas, Naoki gave a rough overview and developments of the upcoming expansion as well as the company's plans of ending the FFXIV support for the older version of the game. He said that the move was primarily made due to the fact that the expansion will require for more specs and power and that it will give more space for developments which will not be possible if they will have to consider the previous version as well.

Don't Have PS4? Don't Fret! There's a Free Final Fantasy Upgrade!

When asked about the consequence of the bold move, Naoki said that he had already made talks to the top execs of Square Enix and that they have agreed to collaborate with Sony to provide a free Final Fantasyupgrade from PlayStation 3 to PlayStation 4 respectively. Although the exact details of the upgrades were not shared, considering the fact that Stormblood is still half-year away, this is definitely good news for all Final Fantasy fans that are playing in their PlayStation 3 console.

Once again, the game director has been keen in showing his gratitude for the continued support from the fans all over the world. He implied that for those that are playing Final Fantasy on their PS3 consoles, they can still enjoy The Realm Reborn until the Stormblood's release. Future patches of the current expansion will also still be enjoyed by users of the same platform.

Final Fantasy 14: Stormblood is the second major expansion of the 14th Final Fantasy series. There's a lot of contents and new stuff that it will bring for all players which can be found here.

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