Lady Gaga And Her Father Got Matchy Tattoos, Buys Her New Album ‘Joanne’

As the popular performer Lady Gaga released her fifth studio album entitled 'Joanne', she seems like giving her all in the album. As a matter of fact, she just had a permanent tattoo 'Joanne', as a reminder of her aunt.

According to Billboard, the Bad Romance singer announced that she and her father just had tattoos to remind them of her aunt, which the album was named after. The revelation happened last Monday, October 24, 2016.

In her Instagram account, Lady Gaga posted a picture of a fresh tattoo on her left arm. She captioned:

"Got Joanne tattooed on my arm in her actual signature,"

"My dad got one too. With an angel on his shoulder."

The Born This Way singer even discussed the reason why did she chose that kind of tattoo be permanently marked on her.

"She's like this goddess that we worshipped in our family our whole lives,"

Lady Gaga's aunt actually died at the of 19 due to a disease called Lupus.

Gaga even added on an interview:

. "Her picture was always up, and it was framed so beautifully in the house. We talked about her all the time, every family meal... she was like a guardian angel or spirit guide."

Gaga also added that the album was sentimental not just to her but to her dad as well. His father has been overprotective to her and was drinking too much ever since her aunt died.

"And I always thought it was my fault. So this album for me was about healing the wounds of being a young woman growing up in a tough family and figuring that out."

To prove her love for her aunt, she had the date of her aunt's death permanently inked as well.

On the lighter side, ET Online spotted the singer buying several copies of her new album and 'American Horror Story: Hotel' on Walmart.

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