'The Walking Dead' News Update: Ratings High But Not Enough For A Record

The Walking Dead revealed one of the bloodiest and scariest episodes to date in its past preview. After its release of the seventh season for the hit American TV series, fans may say that this is definitely worth the wait.

According to Deadline, there are almost 17 million people who waited for the premiere of the series last October 23. Fans from all over the world are looking for the person whom Negan would eventually kill. Reports showed that almost 10.7 million of them were adults ranging from 18-49 years old. The show bagged the number one spot during that day, but is this enough for them to have the record?

For everyone's information, the premiere left the debut of Empire Season 3 and its own Season 6 Premiere on the end tail. The show was almost equal to its own all-time high rated Season 5 Opener last October 12, 2014 already. These are both in viewers and demo, revealing that The Walking Dead is still standing strong despite the lowering number of fan base.

However, its Season 5 Opener still tops the record with almost 2 percent difference in total viewers and 35 in 18-49 demo. This was almost close even after revealing Abraham and Glenn's death.

The rarity of the show to climb back up was really of great number, according to Variety. The rating of the show was almost double the demo rating of the hit show 'Empire'. Even the Chris Hardwick's after-show earned a great review after getting 3.7 demo rating and 7.6 million viewers.

 Indeed, it was a great win situation for the producers and the creators of 'The Walking Dead'. Fans are waiting for more of the hit American TV Series. With that 'The Walking Dead' is said to be renewed for its eight season.

Here are few highlights of one of the most-talked about character in the series, Glenn: 

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