Dangerous CO2 Levels Exceeding Global Safety Limits, Affecting the World’s Climate Change

The alarm had been sounded giving the human population this stern warning that the CO2 level of our planet has exceeded its benchmark limits. Our ceiling of safety is only 400 ppm. The excess just shot up to 404.42 ppm. This measurement was taken last September 2016.

The release of Carbon Dioxide into the air that reached its present measurement is due to forest fires, human industrial activities, volcanic eruptions, burning fossil fuels and our natural respiratory life cycle, according to the Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2 (OCO-2).

This is the first time that the global benchmark for CO2 contamination is broken. This may also be attributable to the long El Niño event. With the prolonged drought in the regions where El Niño made its havoc, vegetation was not able to absorb that much CO2 from the air. Too much CO2 will shrink the plants pores called stomata. When the stomata closes, the plants will not be able to absorb CO2 from the atmosphere. CO2 is essential to the plants food manufacturing called, photosynthesis. These abnormality will lead plant life to desist, affecting the ecological cycle as a whole. The periodical exit of El Niño  had temporarily eased the areas that were afflicted, the impact and scars of climate change still continue to scorch our planet.

There are solutions that could help the planet recover from the CO2 spike that fuels the greenhouse effect. One of these is by turning CO2 into useful Ethanol. There is now a process of turning CO2 into stone. Yet, the most natural method to curb the content of CO2 in the air is to plant trees and organic vegetation with its summary applications.

We had been warned. CO2 levels will continue to rise if we don't heed the message that our mother planet is dying. Time will come that this spike of CO2 levels will be irrevocable, but then, it would be too late.

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