Players Can Turn Team Multiplayer On In Civilization 6 By Editing The Game Files; Here's How

Highly awaited Civilization 6 was already released a few days ago and has remarkably reached the players' expectations for the game. One feature, however, is lacking in which the option is to choose a team multiplayer mode. Nevertheless, the players still found a tweak to enable it.

How To Enable Team Multiplayer

There's a Reddit discussion between Civilization 6 players where they tackle about the lack of team multiplayer in the game. Interestingly, it has been discovered by one of the users that you can enable team multiplayer by having a quick edit in the game codes. This can be done by navigating to your Steam directory and searching for a file named "steamappscommonSid Meier's Civilization VIBaseAssetsUIFrontEndMultiplayerStagingRoom.lua." Open the file and look for the code "playerEntry.TeamPullDown:SetHide(true);" which falls under line #1134. Lastly, change the word "true" to "false" then there you have it.

Problems With Its Team Multiplayer

Apparently, most codes for team multiplayer are already coded in the game but is being disabled with a note that reads "IMPORTANT: DISABLING TEAM PULLDOWNS UNTIL DAY 0 PATCH." There is a reason why this feature has not been released to the mass yet. According to the players who have tried enabling it, achieving a victory appears to be impossible since there are problems with technology sharing and map viewing between civilizations.

Tweak And Mod At Your Own Risk

As much as you want to, messing around the game's registry is risky. This can lead to game crashes and errors and even more serious problems if not done well so you may want to reconsider. On a different note, we can pretty much assume that Civilization 6 is mod-friendly based on this discovery. However, 2K has stated in a Steam discussion that anyone who tries editing, modding or altering any of the game files to change the game's features and how they work is doing it at their own risk, and thus, they advise to backup files beforehand.

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