Civilization 6 Gameplay: Here's Why You Should Pick Rome Over Kongo, India

Civilization 6 game system is said to allow other civilizations to be at a disadvantage. It is said that Kongo and India are wasted potential played passively. Moreover, Rome is said to be advantageous right from the start.

Civilization 6 Territories

The game system in Civilization 6 is said to allow players to defend and expand territories rather than just building them. Hence, some civilizations are said to be at a disadvantage such as Kongo and India. It is because both civilizations' passives rely on other players' progress in Religions then borrowing their bonuses. However, when Civilization denied those Religion bonuses, the gamer's passive may be a wasted potential.

In Civilization 6, the Ancient Era opens the doors for players to go on wars actively due to reduced Warmonger penalties. Furthermore, by conquering cities and taking down a full Civilization in the Ancient Era, the territory may be secured. In addition, those civilizations with mid-game and late-game bonuses are said to be an easy target due to lack of strength early in the game.

In Civilization 6, the early infrastructure passives of Rome are said to be at an advantage to keep settling cities 10 hexes away from the capital. This strategy will then open doors to the "All Roads Lead To Rome" passive and trigger a free road to the capital. Furthermore, the tactic will allow easy national trades and units to move around faster via free roads.

Civilization 6 Victory Conditions

Meanwhile, Civilization 6 beginners may gain much from understanding the four victory conditions of the game first. Domination relies on military might and culture on building the tourism cache. Additionally, science deals with research on late-game techs and the universe and religious takes on visits to holy sites and conversion of at least half of a civilization's city to the chosen faith.

Civilization 6 gamers also needs to choose a leader of the 20 based on play style as well as the first city location. It is also said to be an imperative to know when settlers must be sent out into the wild, to diversify cities, monitor the armed forces, among others. Watch video about Top 20 Best Civs and Leaders in Civilization 6 [Civ 6 Strategy] here:

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