Here’s Why WWE CEO Vince McMahon Does Not Want Kurt Angle Back And Why He Blew Up Over Brock Lesnar’s Raw Segment

Kurt Angle
It looks like WWE CEO Vince McMahon still won't let Kurt Angle back in the ring. Furthermore, his seems to be in such a bad mood after Brock Lesnar's Raw segment. Photo : WHDYTv1 [Ruthless Aggression Classics]/Youtube

WWE CEO Vince McMahon is probably known for his real-life feud with his wrestlers as much as his in-ring rivalries. But despite all these animosities, Vince McMahon is also known as someone who puts business first before anything else.

Wrestling superstars like Bret "The Hitman" Hart or Hulk Hogan have returned to WWE from time to time even if they had some unsavory dealings with the WWE boss. Last week his ability to patch things up with his wrestlers for the sake of the business was largely evident when Bill Goldberg made a surprising appearance on Raw.

To date, one of the biggest names who have yet to make amends with WWE is Kurt Angle. He left the company in unpleasant terms back in 2006 and bolted off to the rival promotion. Having one of the company's most legendary heel back will make an even bigger impact than Bill Goldberg's return. So is Vince McMahon willing to let the company's only Olympic gold medalist back in WWE's doors?

Well according to wrestling's top source Dave Meltzer, Vince has been very negative about it in the past but added that minds can change.

Since Angle has left TNA, he has said to have been speaking to Triple H for a possible return. One possible drawback all falls back to Vince McMahon. It is common knowledge that Vince has a hard stance for athletes who are using recreational drugs which are something Kurt has been battling with for a long time now.

Well, at least fans can take solace with the fact that Kurt Angle and the WWE are in contact with each other. Hopefully, Kurt Angle, who has been insisting that he is clean, can return to the company whose fans he once entertained so much.

In other Vince news, the chairman was said to be fuming at a certain segment on Monday night Raw. The segment in question is Brock Lesnar's response to Bill Goldberg's challenge fro a match. Sounds pretty safe right? The heel (Lesnar) would rile up the crowd to intensify the build up even more.

The only problem is that the Minneapolis crowd did not want to play along and started chanting "Suplex City" and "Goldberg Sucks." This was obviously a big blow to the whole promotion side of the match, as the crowd can be clearly heard on live TV and there is a risk that other cities will follow suit in the upcoming WWE shows.

But in retrospect, Vince McMahon should have seen this one coming. Minneapolis is Lesnar's home turf after all, and even though it made a quick buck having Brock appear there, it could have damaged the heel/face dynamic that the company was trying to establish for the feud.

The whole Minneapolis fiasco could once again open up WWE fan's old feelings towards Bill Goldberg. They really do not see him as part of the WWE family and past allegations of arrogance in the locker room could resurface.

Hopefully, it does not affect what could be an entertaining event when they finally lace it up.

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