Titanfall 2 Latest News: How To Get Early Access Via VPN? Complete Startout Guide

Titanfall 2 PC version is set to be unlocked on the Origin service of EA on Oct. 27 beginning at 10 p.m. AEDT. This information was reportedly seen by the user "luv1290" via the game's subreddit, taking note of other details like the playing time in the East Coast of the US begins at 8 a.m. EDT while the East Coast may join at 5 a.m. PDT.  Given that the computer must be tricked to think it is New Zealand, a VPN is necessary, and a number of tips have been shared in the subreddit thread.

However, for the Titanfall 2 players on console, it appears that they need to wait until 12 midnight EDT on Oct. 28. Apparently, this is a good news for the console gamers in West Coast, as they will be able to begin playing at 9 in the evening PDT on Oct. 27. On the other hand, EA Access subscribers are reported to wait with the rest, as the game has skipped the 10-hour trial period, which is usually available with the EA games.

Titanfall 2's' developer has not given any explanation, although previous reports indicate that EA has announced that the original title will not be offered as free to  the Access subscribers. With that, there are speculations of some strange agreement between the developer and Respawn regarding the games.

Meanwhile, Respawn is set to introduce PlayStation users to Titanfall 2, including an entire new way of playing online multiplayer shooters.  According to reports, there will be no killstreak nor scorestreak, but a large mechanics that lumber around. In line with this, the Entertainment Community Manager Jay Frechette of the company took to the official PlayStation Blog to give away some tips to help the aspiring Pilots to do well.

Titanfall 2 multiplayer tips include the use of Double Jump, Slide and Wallrun to traverse hard and get to the areas of the map. Mobility is needed to form new flanking routes as well as sudden angles of attack.  Also, completion of goals, getting kills and stealing batteries could speed up the Titan Timer to call in the Titan faster, PlayStation Lifestyle reported. Watch video about Titanfall 2 Become One Official Launch Trailer

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