Pokemon Go Latest News: 3 Things That Make The Halloween In-Game Event Appealing

Pokemon GO halloween special is slated to commence on Oct. 1 all throughout Nov. 1. The in-game event will be rewarding more candies to players. Furthermore, there will also be new Halloween-themed Pokemon creatures.

Niantic reportedly planned the first ever Pokemon GO in-game event for the halloween season. The event is said to feature higher encounter rates for the spooky Pokemon creatures such as Drowzee, Gengar, Zubat, Haunter, Gastly, Hypno and Golbat. Trainers will also be rewarded with more candies than usual for buddy training, catching and transferring Pokemon creatures.

The Pokemon GO event is slated to roll out worldwide. It should be noted that several areas like Toronto already have vaguely Halloween-themed Pokemon creatures. The candy multipliers also mean that there will be more rewards for every candy-generating activity with up to six candies per catch, four candies per successful Buddy level-up and two candies per transfer to the professor.

In-game events for Pokemon GO are believed to be an excellent idea that may help recapture the early magic of the game as well as the interaction between players. Seasonal events like the one this halloween are expected to have different modifications to the gameplay. It remains to be seen what else Niantic has in store for its players.

Meanwhile, critics claim that while Pokemon GO is said to be the biggest mobile game in history, it may also go down in history soon. Apparently, the Pokemon GO app is said to have fallen down the App Store charts. Despite the news of the four-day Halloween event by Niantic, the top post on the Pokemon GO subreddit still tackles about the unfortunate events of the game.

Pokemon GO allegedly lost loads upon loads of players. On that note, most players reportedly caught the required number of Pokemon catches within the first month or two and no longer need to hunt as much. Finally, the game has lost its tracker device early in the game with no replacements months later. Watch Pokémon Go - Halloween Event Announced


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