Pokemon GO Update: Pokewhere App Is Finally Back!

Niantic, over the course of few months, has been very faithful in tracking down Pokemon GO cheaters. This resulted to a good number of players getting banned, which somehow affected the game's player pool. It's also the main reason why all third-party scanners or applications have been removed. Fortunately, after what hearing what appears to be complaints from the community, PokeWhere is finally back.

According to Otakukart, the aforementioned Pokemon GO app is has now officially returned. It was already rumored to be a possibility, but it was only recently that everything fell into places. In the official Twitter account of PokeWhere, the admins announced the good news, and that this wouldn't be a reality if not for the help of "Waryas and Elfin."

Without a doubt, this had made lots of Pokemon GO players happy. This is most especially that the titular Pokemon Tracking system is no longer part of the game. (Remember it was replaced with the so-called Nearby Tracker). In one way or another, this has brought a new kind of thrill to the community.

It's also worth noting that PokeWhere is not the only Pokemon GO third-party app that has returned to Niantic's title. Few days ago, the highly utilized FastPokeMap has also revealed its return. With all of these, players now have an effective means of tracking Pokemon in the wild, without the worry of getting banned.

Niantic previously shut down all of the aforementioned applications, making it difficult for Pokemon GO players to hunt down or acquire creatures. But it seems the studio has listened to the community, giving them their hearts' desire. PokeWhere, in particular, is made available for both iOS and Android. It was became a huge thing following the release of the hit augmented reality game.

In related Pokemon GO news, the studio has increased the spawn rates of some creatures. It came along with the recent update, which was meant for the Halloween season. The likes of Ghastly and Haunter now have the capability of spawning at an increased rate -- something that wasn't a fact in the previous version of the game.

What are your thoughts on Pokemon GO as well as the return of PokeWhere? Which third-party application would you want to see back in the game? Let us know what you're thinking at the comment section below!

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