‘Stranger Things’ Meets 'Peanuts' In A Charlie Brown Christmas Special Mashup

Fans of both the comics “Peanuts” and the Netflix thriller “Stranger Things” are in for a treat with a newly released special Charlie Brown Christmas special mashup.

The latest favorite sci-fi horror series, “Stranger Things” got an animated spinoff when it ventured into the “Peanuts” universe with a Christmas special spinoff. Comedy writer Oren Mendez along with animator and comedian Leigh Lahav are responsible for putting together this epic animated mashup. Clearly only true fans of both series would come up with something like this.

The animated series spinoff, titled “Merry Christmas Will Byers” opens with Will Byers opening up to his best friend Dustin Henderson about his problems. Apparently, Will is struggling with anxiety after his horrific adventures in the upside down world. Dustin was a bit frank about it and advised Will to get psychiatric help.

Will heads on to the next scene to find the help he needs and spots Eleven standing in for Lucy’s psychiatric help from the original “Peanuts” series. Unable to help him, Will goes to Lucas Sinclair for more advice. The animated spinoff took on a candid shot at Joyce Byers’s character when Lucas advised Will to approach his mom about his problems since she knows a thing or two about emotional distress.

The animated “Peanuts” spinoff continued to surprise fans with scenes they thought they would never see. One of the most memorable scenes is the spinoff’s take on the original famous “Peanuts” kids dancing scene featured several years agon in the Outkast’s “Hey Ya” parody video. The cast of “Stranger Things” danced to the series theme song in their animated forms since Mike Wheeler suggested that what Will needed was a soothing music.

Will and the infamous alien parodies the well-known “Peanuts” scene of Charlie, Snoopy, and the doghouse, with the alien lying in Snoopy’s favorite spot. Then the spinoff finally showcased the moral of the story about Will finding happiness after realizing that he was surrounded by family and friends who are always there for him especially when he’s trapped in a parallel universe. It ended with a rather sad and funny scene when Barb made an appearance and commented “Good grief.” over Will’s latest sentiments.

“Peanuts” is a famous syndicated daily and Sunday American comic strip written and illustrated by Charles M. Schulz since October 1950. Based on its story, the comics earned the title as the arguably longest story ever told by one human being. Meanwhile, “Stranger Things” has just ended its first season and the production of the Season 2 is in the works as it is set to release nine more episodes in 2017.

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