Children's Show On YouTube Created Using GTA V, Viewed By Millions

Everyone knows that GTA V is rated M, that means it is only allowed for viewing for ages 17 and above. Why? If you have been living under a rock all these years, GTA features violence and crime and not the simple kind either. Go check it out for yourself though. Anyway, it's clear that Grand Theft Auto is never for the kids but what if YouTube has children videos that use GTA 5?

GTA 5 Children Show in YouTube?

As reported by Kotaku, there are actually videos for children on YouTube that use GTA V and some of these episodes even get millions of views!

You see, kids are actually a large population on YouTube, in fact, the biggest Youtube channels actually cater to children. Now, here's where GTA V comes in. The open world action-adventure video game slash third-person shooter (if you are in the mood for some trigger-happy moments) is also very popular on Youtube but for a different audience.

GTA and Children Shows into one?

With the director mode in GTA V, creative players can create all sorts of videos without the need to manually make the animations. In fact, GTA cinematic mode will allow these creators to easily control the cameras, pose characters, and even spawn objects. And if you pair them with GTA mods, people can then insert any character or anything they want into Grand Theft Auto V.

GTA V Kids Show - Spider-Man, Joker, Dinosaurs, Lightning McQueen

In the reported GTA-children show on YouTube, Spider-Man seemed to be a favorite character as he appears in almost all of their videos. While Marvel's Spider-Man might be pretty awesome, GTA's Spider-Man is ultimately cool and can do all sorts of things, even playing a guitar. His BFF is not Harry Osborn nor Mary Jane but Lightning McQueen, you know, from Disney's Cars.

In one of the videos, Spider-Man and his BFF are seen to take on dinosaurs while in another video, Spider-Man saves Lightning McQueen from the Joker. So from there, you have probably have an idea how amazingly absurd these GTA-children videos are.

Why do these videos have a lot of views?

Aside from they are cool, people seem to watch these shows simply because they feature popular characters that everyone adore in new and different situations. Of course, who wouldn't be curious enough to know what it would be like if Spider-Man meets Joker? So if you're up for anything new and will gladly want to take your head out for anything ridiculous and cool at the same time, go ahead and check them out.

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