Pokemon Sun And Moon: Nintendo's Biggest Hit Ever Because Of Pokemon GO?

Nintendo used to have reservations when it comes to branching out in terms of their game capabilities, opting to have exclusives rather than convenient partnerships; this is before the success of Pokemon GO. They feared that releasing a Nintendo game in mobile devices might lessen the market in their handheld devices such as all their DS and the Wii U. Now, it seems stepping out of their comfort zone is the correct choice when the popularity of their Pokemon Sun And Moon game came from the interest of most Pokemon GO players.

Pokemon Sun And Moon Is Best Pre-selling Game In Nintendo History

Nintendo recently announced that Pokemon Sun And Moon are officially the best pre-selling game in the history of the company. And the released demo for the game has the most downloads online. It seems fans are anticipating the release of Pokemon Sun And Moon on November 18, and this might've been spurred by the popularity of Niantic's augmented reality game 'Pokemon GO.'

This is allegedly not coincidental at all since back in July and August, the number of 3DS sales doubled. A significant and immediate spike is visibly observed with the release of Pokemon GO and the announcement of Pokemon Sun And Moon. Players who've loved Pokemon since their childhood are falling in love with Nintendo again, and even players who played a Pokemon game for the first time through Pokemon GO are thoroughly intrigued and interested.

Pokemon GO Helped Reignite Nintendo

Pokemon Sun And Moon beat Zelda and Smash Bros in racking up tons of pre-sales, and it's no question why people assumed Pokemon GO has a hand on this. Whether they thought Pokemon GO is just too good of a concept to pass, and the game itself lacks the Pokemon gameplay they wish to see, or Niantic did a good job in gathering interest for the Pokemon franchise is irrelevant. The numbers don't lie, Pokemon GO helped reignite Nintendo and people's passion for their games.

Nintendo is learning to let more of the world of gaming in, this can be seen with the reveal of their new console - the Nintendo Switch. They partnered with several big names in gaming development and technology to make Nintendo Switch possible like Bethesda and NVIDIA. Nintendo is killing the market and will slay it further in the coming years for sure.

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