Skyrim Special Edition Guide: How To Own The Best Unique Weapons

Skyrim is full of loot that it is very rare to see two players having similar inventory after several minutes of play. Weapons are significantly important. However, it will go down into which one you will have to settle in. For clarifications, there is not much of a so-called best weapon in Skyrim since its bonuses are close to each other. It will only depend on how players work on enchantment and other elements to make the weapon viable at any given difficulty.

Unique weapons are one of the in-game items present on the game. It is said to be found at a certain location only. These weapons have its own set properties and each of these unique weapons can give players some special edge. VG247 has listed some of the favorite unique weapons and their respective location.

In terms of daggers, Mehrune's Razor is the first one on the list. This decent little dagger has a base damage stat of 1. Its enchantment shines among others since it grants a chance of an instant kill. In order to get to Mehrune's Razor, just complete the quest "Pieces of the Past" and kill Silus Vesuius.

When talking about the best in-game maces, a weapon called The Mace of Molag Bal tops the list. It is a Daedric artifact with a powerful base damage stat of 16. You will fill a soul gem whenever a target dies within 3 seconds. Completing the Daedric Quest called House of Horrors will award you the mace.

On the other hand, one of the best Skyrim swords is Miraak's Sword. It was recently added in the Dragonborn DLC which might be reason why most original Skyrim players do not know its existence. In order to get the sword, just follow the series of Dragonborn quests in Solstheim Island.

These are just highlights on a very long list of unique weapons present in Skyrim Special Edition. Meanwhile, you can view the full list just by clicking this link.


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