Civilization 6 Hack: How To Exploit The Game And Claim Victory

In order to achieve victory on Civilization 6, you need to dominate others in various ways-by score. Doing so however doesn't come easy without breaking a sweat. Good thing for now because players can take advantage of the bugs as Firaxis is not at it yet. Here's a guide for you to exploit your way to victory.

Civilization 6 - Sell Armies And Armadas For 100% Profit

The best exploit in the game so far is by selling your armies and armadas in exchange of much more gold than you purchased them. According to a Reddit post by Random Magus, the author tried to purchase a Battleship armada for 3,500 gold and he was able to trade it for 6,495. That's more than 100 percent profit from the purchasing cost. Another Reddit post by Drogzar affirmed the same experience by selling his Destroyer armada which earned him 3,300 gold.

Civilization 6 - Remove Units

The game's latest installment privileges players to gain 50 percent of the production cost of your unit by removing it regardless it is out of moves, even on foreign grounds. After you and your enemy are finished battling, you may have a glimpse of who loses. Before even entirely ending game, you can actually sell your units in exchange for a good amount of cash and repudiate your opponent from performing a kill and a likely advancement.

Civilization - Sell Builders

Always remember that you don't need to hold your fire for your Builders to vanish after exhausting them. By selling them with only one charge left, you will be entitled with at least 50 percent of the production cost in each Builder and you can use this to purchase another Builder anywhere.

Civilization 6 - Denude Forest

This exploit is quite dangerous for your Builders but if you are willing to take a risk, you can use them in roving the map to look for forest in lieu of scouts. With your Builders, you can denude the forest without getting penalized. In case they fall into a trap, you can just sell them.

Civilization 6 is exclusively available on Windows PC for now.


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