Steam’s Halloween Sale Is Now Live; Grab Your Favorite Game Title Today

Steam has been known to host an annual Halloween Sale around this week. This reported sale will bring a massive discount to the price of several items present on Steam. Currently, it was revealed that Steam's annual Halloween Sale is now live. The event will run until Nov. 1 at 10:00 AM PT. During the event, PC gamers will be given an opportunity to purchase numerous game titles as well as movie rentals at a very low price.

According to Kotaku, Steam's Halloween Discount obviously highlights horror titles. However, the deals are not fully dedicated for these horror labels. As reported, dozens of games across different genres are also included on the deal. In addition, Valve is also prioritizing the advertisement of games that have received Halloween updates and even games that have received updates closer to Halloween.

Moreover, Steam's Halloween Sale caters to all of the PC gamer's standard expectations about the major releases in the horror genre. That will include several big horror franchises such as Resident Evil, Dead Space, FEAR and BioShock. It also includes some cult horror hits like Outlast, Amnesia, Five Nights at Freddy's and Killing Floor. In addition, there are plenty of recently released horror titles which include Darkest Dungeon, Through the Woods, Zero Time Dilemma and Inside.

Based on the reports from Game Rant, pretty much the same as last year, Steam's Halloween Sale is also featuring discounts on movies for rental. Steam's selection of movies might not be strong enough in terms of impact, however, there should be plenty of thrills to choose from.

Virtual Reality experts should also be pleased as there are several Halloween games available for them too, however they are harder to locate. They can just click on the "All Specials" Button at the bottom of the Halloween Sale page, then sort it by headset of choice. Several famous VR horror games and non-horror VR titles are greatly discounted.

Steam's Halloween Sale will run until Nov. 1 and will officially end and 10:00 AM PT. 


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