Civilization 6 Hack: How To Play The Game Without Founding A City

If there's a game that allows you to play with it without having to engage on its major component, Civilization 6 should be the first to come to mind. To set the record straight, Civilization 6 can be played even without founding a city. However, it's a tough one primarily because no city means you don't have much to back you up in battle so you easily get overwhelmed. Whenever you decide to give it a try, here's a quick guide for you on how to play Civilization 6 without founding a city.

Civilization 6: Begin With No City

To get you started, you have to alter Eras.xml to set you out in the Ancient Era with an Archer and two Warriors. Get into the game without establishing your city and begin taking over other city-state as your civ's capital. Considering you are fighting against settlements with far stronger armies than your Archer and two Warriors, it's hard to win. Hence, try deploying a couple of units more. Make sure you'll be able to take over at least one city as your base to look for another city.

From there, you may have sightings of cities that are not to resilient to fight against. Say Buenos Aires, the city can be capture easily. Don't fret if there are bullies around you. When a Civ is scenting on the ground, choose which city is weaker and begin from there. One by one, you'll eventually take over more cities from being without founding your own.

Civilization 6: How To Change Settings

If you are brave and adventurous enough to start the game without ever founding a civ, here's the way to go to change your installation settings. Head over to the game's installation folder > go to \Base\Assets\Gameplay\Data and find Eras.xml > copy the code and paste it on your note pad > look for the 'MajorStartingUnits' section > edit according to your preferences. For example, if you want to begin with two Warriors, this is how it should look like: .

Civilization 6 is exclusively available on Windows PC for now.


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