Skyrim Special Edition Is Not Doing Good A Day After Launch

Just a day after the Skyrim Special Edition has been launched and it's already encountering several issues and we're not even talking about minor problems here. Skyrim is said to have received several mixed reactions and reviews on Steam due to players complaining about bugs, frame rate drops, audio issues, and even game crashes.

Skyrim Special Edition PC problems

Skyrim Special Edition PC recommended settings listed NVIDIA GTX 780 3GB or equivalent but then gamers still have issues even with a GTX 1070 and even with a GTX 1080, which are currently among the most powerful graphic processors in the market today. Additionally, players also reported that Skyrim Special Edition is not able to maintain a steady frame rate even while still on the character creation part of the game.

Skryim Special Edition audio is worse than the original game

Yes, it has been well-marketed that Skyrim Special Edition has improved visuals but to gamers who have sharp ears, they will most likely notice a drop in audio fidelity. There may not be too much audio issues while on speakers but players using headsets or even earbuds will hear the significant downgrade in audio quality.

Redditor LasurArkinshade explained why Skyim Special Edition audio is worse than the original, "The vanilla game has sound assets (other than music and voiceover) in uncompressed .wav format. The Special Edition has the sound assets all in (very aggressively compressed) .xwm format, which is a compressed sound format designed for games. This isn't so bad, necessarily-it's possible to compress audio to .xwm without significant quality degradation unless you crank the compression way up to insane levels."

However, there is a way to fix the said audio issue for Skyrim Special Edition as posted by another Redditor named User TI36X. Check it out and see if the game would be improved significantly.

Skyrim Special Edition Bugs

Though there haven't been a lot of complaints on the PS4 and Xbox One versions of Skyrim Special Edition compared to the PC, still, bugs are prevalent on the recently released action RPG game. PC Gamer even noted that while they may not have gone through frame rate issues, bugs that were common in the original Skyrim were still present at the Special Edition.

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