SK Telecom T1 Made History By Being The First Team To Win Three League Of Legends World Championships

For the third time in four years, SK Telecom T1 has won the League of Legends World Championship again, making them the first team to win back-to-back titles. The event was held in Los Angeles, Saturday night, against fellow Korean team Samsung Galaxy. Ended up with a score 3-2, SK Telecom took home the Summoner's Cup and cash prize over $2 million.

The MVP of the grand final, SKT's "midlaner" Lee "Faker" Sang-hyeok, earned his first ever Worlds MVP after his astonishing performance. He broke the record for Worlds most kills with 208 kills in game three and hit 217 kills by the end of the tournament. Previous record holder of most kills was Uzi.

It is the first time in the history of Worlds that the final has gone full five games. Game 1 was one of the longest games of the tournament where SKT won. They performed a very impressive play especially their "midlaner" who secured an early kill on Crown during the final clash that led their team to won the match.

Game 2 was also quite dire for Samsung. The kills made by SKT during the early phase cost their game and lost with score 20-3. It was a 2-0 lead for SKT, however, during the third game, Samsung showed astounding performance and made a comeback by repeatedly winning team fights around Baron. Game 3 was the longest in this year's Worlds.

SKT subbed in Blank for Bengi in Game 4. It was a risky move for SKT and did not end well for the team. Samsung held the control throughout and closed the game around 45 minute mark with a score 17-12.

Bengi returned in the jungle for Game 5. This is the round which will decide the victors of this tournament. This time, the game is in favor of STK. They finished of Samsung 49 minute mark with a score of 13-8 and took the crown being the League of Legends World Champions for the third time.

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