Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Specs, Release Date, and Other Rumors: Loyal Samsung Users To Get Discounts On Galaxy 8

Samsung is pinning its hopes on the Galaxy S8 to pull it out of the doldrums but the true measure of its return to respectability is if the rumored Galaxy Note 8 will be successful.

There is yet an official announcement from the troubled South Korean company but rumors are rife that the Note series will continue. The new flagship phablet will be introduced in 2017, according to rumors.

Many believe that the tech giant would completely ditch the Note line but with this new set of rumors, the Note series is possibly on the comeback trail.

Not much is known about the possible new Note phablet but many say that the company is prioritizing safety. Samsung has also borrowed some features from the Note 7 and placed them on the S7 and S7 Edge. Chances are, these features such as the Always-On Display may be placed in the Note 8 as well.

Samsung has yet to announce what the real cause of the explosion even after numerous theories have been floated. They have said repeatedly that they are still conducting investigations.

One bit of news that has fanned the flame is Samsung's new offer to former Note 7 users. Previous owners of the Galaxy Note 7 who have already replaced their phones with an S7 or S7 Edge may still get the new S8 or Note 8 upon their rumored release next year. Those with upgraded plans need to pay for 50 percent of the S7's price before he or she can exchange it for a new S8 or Note 8. The fact that the note 8 is mentioned

Samsung has been marketing their S series smartphones after the Note 7 fiasco where a number of devices reportedly caught fire. The company decided to pull the plug on their flagship phone to prevent anymore untoward incidents.

Samsung's Vice Chairman Lee Jae-yong admitted that it will take months before they can turn the tides. They are hoping that the new Galaxy S8 will do just that. The company's VP, Lee Kyeong-tae, mentioned that the S8 will have a "slick design and an improved camera as well as an enhanced artificial intelligence service". The S8 will be released in spring 2017 as mentioned in a report. Tech Radar pegged the announcement to be done on February 26.

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