No Man's Sky Update: Hello Games To Add Multiplayer Feature?

No Man's Sky developer Hello Games has been silent these past few weeks. There are speculations that Sean Murray has either abandoned NMS or working on a multiplayer update for the space sim game.

Hello Games Silently Working On Multiplayer Feature?

Sean Murray and Hello Games have been silent for several months now after No Man's Sky was vilified by many former players. The developer promised a lot of features that were never included in the release. One of those promised feature is the multiplayer mode.

There are rumors that Murray and his team have already abandoned the game which explains their silence on social media circles. However such rumor has been disputed by some of Murray's colleagues. The game's audio director Paul Weir claimed that the team is working hard for an upcoming major patch. At that time, there have been earlier reports that the embattled Murray will make a major announcement on October but that appears highly unlikely.

Industry observers are deducing that Hello Games is currently working on a multiplayer feature for No Man's Sky. Adding such mode can add some interaction among the players and make the game more exciting if not more bearable to play. A multiplayer mode may also help salvage the reputation of NMS and its developer. If this rumor is true, what happens to the buyers who deleted the game from their hard drive?

Sean Murray Admitted No Multiplayer Was Included in NMS But...

The Hello Games chief was interviewed a day before No Man's Sky was release. Murray admitted that the game does not have a multiplayer feature. However, he did not say it outright and instead gave some very vague answers. The video clip where he touched on the absence of the multiplayer feature could be viewed here. The sheer excitement of playing No Man's Sky was so overwhelming that the interview was quickly overlooked.

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