Netflix Released ‘Stranger Things’ Special Newscast On Barb’s Disappearance

Netflix has just released a special Halloween newscast for the hit sci-fi horror series, “Stranger Things” reporting on the disappearance of Barbara Holland and the shoplifting adventure of Eleven.

Fans have just been treated to “Stranger Things” warping into the “Peanuts” universe for a Charlie Brown Christmas special and now Netflix has dropped another surprise for Halloween to add to the upcoming second season’s hype. The special newscast, which looked like it came out from one of the television sets from “Stranger Things” reported on the disappearance of Barb, one of the cast in the said series. The special newscast was donned in the old Technicolor and 480 pixels dimensions, or probably even lower, just how it was in the 1980s.

The newscast was cleverly disguised as 5WIYZ, a fictional news segment from Hawkins, Indiana, which is anchored by news reporter Brenda Wood. On one October night, the news reported a case of another missing teen who happens to be Barb. It normally introduced Barb’s case until it candidly reported on the insignificant things of the case such as her taste in fashion. Apparently, according to the fake news, it tried to reach out to Barb’s best friend, Nancy Wheeler, but sadly she could not be reached.

Before the fictional news ended, it briefly reported on another “Stranger Things” matter. It reported on Eleven’s shoplifting incident at Bradley’s Big Buy mart. The new segment showed a CCTV footage of Eleven taking boxes of Eggo Waffles from the chiller while the reporter advised viewers to contact Hawkins Police Chief Jim Hopper if anyone knew the identity or the whereabouts of the unidentified young thief. Brenda Wood reported, “Eye witnesses at the shopping scene said they saw shopping carts flying down aisles and the electronic doors malfunctioned putting owner Bradley at risk.”

The Halloween Special newscast of “Stranger Things” is evidently a tease for the upcoming Season 2 of the series, hinting most likely that Barb will return for the new installment. Hopefully fans will see Barb’s disappearance being explained especially when Season 1 left her presumably dead in the upside down world. Netflix has renewed the series for another season and “Stranger Things” Season 2 is set to release nine episodes in 2017.

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