Here Are The List Of Most Wanted Features In Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go has been improving every single update by adding some features for their players to make use of. Based on the sources, the recent notable feature that has been added into the game was the Buddy Pokemon System. This feature will help trainers earn extra Pokemon candy by making one of their caught Pokemon as Buddy. However, after this update, Niantic has not yet added another feature in Pokemon Go and fans are still hoping that at least one of the previously rumored features will arrive before the year ends.

According to Otakukart, a Pokemon Go poll has been recently made for trainers to cast a vote on what features they want from Niantic. The number of votes was surprisingly high totaling a massive 37,107 votes. Starting from the bottom is the PVP/Duel feature. The feature collected 5,566 votes from Pokemon Go trainers. The Multiplayer Battle system is one of the most wanted featuresin Pokemon Go since the game was launched. However, it is kind of a surprise that it only gathered 5,566 out of 37,107 total votes.

Next is Trading feature. Aside from PVP, Trading System is also one of the features that Pokemon Go players like to have since it has been always present in previous Pokemon games. However, similar to PVP feature, its total votes were surprisingly low with only 8,534 votes. The third one is the Gen 2. This feature was also constantly rumored until now. There are lots of people requesting Niantic to add the second generation of Pokemon. The Gen 2 feature/update gathered a total of 10,019 votes.

Lastly, the feature that tops the list was really a huge surprise. The 3 Steps Tracking feature takes over the biggest and most awaited rumored additions in Pokemon Go. It gathered over 12,988 votes from the fans signaling that players are desperate to have the tracker back. Since Niantic removed the tracker and replaced it with the Sightings feature, people are puzzled on how to properly track wild Pokemon.

Hopefully Niantic will hear the players' requests hrough this poll and will take immediate action in their future Pokemon Go updates.


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