Pokemon GO Update: Events That Could Happen In The Game Soon

Pokemon GO is a great mobile game -- there's no doubt about that, and almost all players can agree. However, one can't deny the fact it needs more improvements. From new features all the way to events, these are things that fans want to see Niantic doing. Besides, doing so will attract more people to engage and play the game.

As of this writing, Pokemon GO players are still enjoying the benefits of Halloween event. It gave them a good amount of rewards to enjoy, something that have enticed them to play it. With that being said, it's safe to point out that events have significant role in the existence of the game. Heck, it even speaks for the future of the hit augmented reality title.

According to Otakukart, the aforementioned Pokemon GO event can be seen as a test of sort. That through it, devs can see if doing such can help in drawing more players -- be it the ones who gave up on the game already or not. Either way, it sure has brought a lot to the table. And through this, there's no reason why Niantic won't pursue similar events like the aforesaid.

For instance, this coming Holiday season, Pokemon GO players might once again experience events designed for the Christmas and/or New Year seasons. Obviously, there will be rewards and/or XP bonuses. Or perhaps, the studio can opt to introduce features and whatnots. The idea is to make the game a little bit more interesting than before.

In fact, next year, Niantic can resort to introducing the highly anticipated Gen 2 update for Pokemon GO. A popular theory is by way of unleashing it through a real world event. Unfortunately, nothing much has been known about it -- let alone the things it'll bring. Moreover, they can introduce events where new Pokemon will be introduced. The heart of the matter is that the studio has a lot of options when it comes to such gig, and it's up to them how to make these a possibility.

Regardless, the future of Pokemon GO is bright. As long as the company has something to offer, there's no question it'll remain a popular game in the market. Besides, the devs have to give it to the community, as fans have been hoping to see new stuff in the game.

What are your thoughts on Pokemon GO? What sort of events do you want to see in the future? Any opinions or comments on the current Halloween event? Be sure to share us what you think at the comment section below!

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