Pokémon GO Update: Which Features Should Niantic Add To Avoid Gym Stagnation

For many Pokémon GO trainers, one of the biggest downfall of the game is gym stagnation. Level 10 gyms are undoubtedly well-founded by all means and they are certainly fun-filled to be in. However, reaching that level seems to be the dead-end. Here are some new features and additions that Niantic might want to consider to avoid gym stagnation.

Pokémon GO - Gym Stagnation

Many fans would agree that gym battles fall short of trainers' appetite to join. First and foremost, it is because engaging in such does not incentivize them. For one, coins given as rewards do not seem to fare well with the time and effort spend when they are in gym. Thus, they are not enough as compensation. According to some speculations, the rationale behind Niantic not attending to this issue is because of money. It could well be understood that the developer just let gym stagnation happen because apparently they acquire coins way far from embattled ones.

Pokémon GO - Features To Avoid Gym Stagnation

With all these considerations, it would be best for Niantic to add some features for Pokémon GO to prevent gym stagnation. One is the combats on weekends where double experience points and Stardust will be given for those who can win gym battles during weekends. Two is glory of the type wherein there will be a bigger damage output for a particular Pokémon Type during combats on weekends. Third is the team battle that will allow players to create a group to challenge and defeat enemy gyms, and as a prize individuals trainers in that team will be rewarded with bonuses.

Hence, a schedule format should be developed for a more remarkable gym mechanics, not to mention it should multiply fast players engagement. The best way to do combats on weekends is every second week while glory of the type every last week of each month. All these however are suggestions from around the web so Niantic can still opt to sustain its current situation.


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