Overwatch Update: You Wouldn't Believe How This Guy Played Hanzo

Hanzo is probably one of the best heroes in Overwatch, though his reputation in the community is not really commendable. Nonetheless, his bow and arrow -- if used correctly -- can be lethal to the opponents. Regardless, a player has taken things to a whole new level -- literally. He has found a new way to enjoy the game (well, actually, a new way to play the said character).

Thanks to Rudeism -- a well-known Twitch streamer -- Overwatch fans now have an idea how to play the game aside from using the keyboard and the console controllers. In a video uploaded in the aforesaid social media site, he utilized a Nerf Bow while playing Hanzo (who, needless to say, uses a bow in-game). And by the looks of it, it's pretty cool.

The aforementioned Overwatch player was able to eliminate enemies in King's Row, one of the battlefields in the game, using the said stuff. Heck, he was even able to put an arrow straight to an opponent's head. And just by looking at him, one can tell that he's definitely having the time of his life.

For Overwatch fans hoping to do the same trick, there's nothing to worry about. Why? That's because Twitch streamer has also uploaded an instructional video on how to use the Nerf Boy as a controller replacement. Based on the footage, it's very doable.

It's worth noting that Hanzo is not only the Overwatch hero that Rudeism played with stuff. He also had fun with the mech-riding lady named D.Va, who was recently announced as a Starcraft 2 announcer by Blizzard. In fact, he's the same guy who played Lucio using a real set of bananas -- that's right, bananas. His channel is packed with interesting videos that gamers really need to check.

In related Overwatch news, Blizzard's very own Jeff Kaplan has shared his views towards the so-called troll picking. The latter basically refers to players picking the same kind of heroes, suggesting that these are way better than the others. Kaplan iterated that they did not intend for such thing to happen, though he believes that it'll change overtime.

What are your thoughts on the above mentioned Twitch streamer who utilized a Nerf Bow in Overwatch? Is Hanzo one of your favorite heroes in the game? Share to us what your thoughts are at the comment section below!

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