Pokemon Go Update: Day-Care Center System Feature; Is It Necessary?

Niantic continues to receive feature suggestions from the fans for their augmented reality game Pokemon Go. Since the day the game was released, Niantic has been adding several features bit by bit. However, it does not mean Pokemon Go is now stable since many players think that the game still lacks dynamic. As previously reported, a Pokemon Go Poll was conducted for players to vote on their preferred feature that is to be added in the future updates. Features like Trading, PVP Gen 2 and surprisingly the 3-step tracker tops the list.  Currently, another suggested feature has been discussed and will possibly debut in the game soon.

According to Otakukart, the Pokemon Day-Care Center feature has been suggested by fans recently. It was seen first on the previous Pokemon Games and Pokemon Go fans desire to see it integrated in Pokemon Go. However, there is only one question that bugs the players, "Do we really need it?"

Based on the previous Pokemon Games, a Day-Care center is convenient for the players since it allows players to hatch an egg or level a Pokemon up without spending too much time on grinding. Currently, players are wondering how this feature will work on Pokemon Go. The current Egg hatching system allows players to hatch an egg by walking a particular distance for a certain incubated Egg. If Niantic considers adding the Day-Care center feature to the game, it might perhaps grant players another avenue to earn extra experience points.

In addition, a Pokemon Day-Care Center system can help players in powering up their Pokemon without using any candies or stardusts. Now with Pokemon Go's Halloween event officially ending, the double candy bonus and reduced distance walked on Buddy Pokemon System will now be removed. That means it would be harder to farm candies and stardusts again.

However, Niantic is still silent regarding the future feature additions in Pokemon Go. Meanwhile, good news for the fans as Niantic had officially announced the addition of Daily Quests recently which would give different types of bonuses on a daily basis.


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