Hey Monster, A Pokemon Go Alternative Or A Rip-off?

Are you still one of the remaining players of Pokemon Go? Well, good for you as you definitely helped in making the augmented reality game back to number 1 in the mobile game charts.

We all know how Niantic had been working hard just to give each of their loyal fans the much needed excitement for them to continue playing the game despite the huge dip in player numbers a couple of months ago. But then they went live with Pokemon Go Halloween event and it started turning tables. The event not only lured new players but it also pulled the old players back in.

Pokemon Go update

The latest Pokemon Go update has had to do with daily bonuses so if you're a diligent player of the AR game, expect more candies and stardust for you. Still, fans are waiting for the introduction of Gen 2 Pokemon. C'mon after a couple of months of capturing the same ol' Pokemon everytime, wouldn't this be a great time to meet new monsters?

Speaking of monsters, there's this one game that may be quite similar to Pokemon Go. Could it be an alternative or a total rip-off?

Hey Monster Looks Like Pokemon Go?

The game that resembles Pokemon Go is Hey Monster. It's a fan-made app that does not only allow you to capture Pokemon but you can also interact with other online gamers. Additionally, this mobile game features all the Pokemon in the series so yes, this could be quite interesting.

Hey Monster characters are from Pokemon X and Y and they are in 3D so they look pretty awesome. Kudos to Hey Monster's developer, Fun Code Play, for a great job in redefining the graphics all the while sticking to the original roots of Pokemon games.

Hey Monster download

You can get Hey Monster for free at the Google Play Store and for iPhone users, don't worry, it will soon be released in the iTunes Store as well. Just a note though, this Pokemon Go alternative may be free but in-game purchases can be quite expensive.

Hey Monster from Nintendo?        

Unfortunately, Hey Monster is not in any way related to Nintendo so don't be surprised that this app will be taken down in the future. But while it's still available for download, check it now before it's too late and see for yourself if it's indeed a bad rip off or a Pokemon Go alternative you can still enjoy.

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