Dota 2: Team Liquid Is Planning To Drop "BuLba"; Withdraws From One Major LAN Tournament

The Dota 2 competitive scene is home for diverse players and teams which makes it a lot dynamic and exciting. And as usual, it is also home for numerous roster changes as the days unfold - especially when an organization is not living up to the crowd and their managers' expectations. Just recently, Team Liquid, had made a roster change where they dropped JerAx and FATA to acquire one of the game's current stars, Miracle and BuLba. A lot of fans have high expectations for the current roster especially considering that Miracle and BuLba have already made their names in the West.

But after a couple of official matches, the team struggled to stabilize and create a significant impact in the competitive scene; failing to secure a spot for the upcoming Boston Major as well as some lackluster performances in the MDL 2016 and other various online tournaments. Just barely a month after the roster's completion, it seems that Team Liquid will make yet another significant change in their current composition.

Team Liquid Withdraws a Major LAN Tournament

According to GosuGamers, Area BEAT Invitational has confirmed that Team Liquid had withdrawn their slot in the LAN tournament and will be replaced by the rising Greeks, Ad Finem to compete for the $100,000 prize pool. When asked as to why Liquid withdrew their spot, the organizers replied that it appears Team Liquid are making imminent roster changes and thus, will not be able to compete for the said tournament.

Team Liquid Is Likely To Drop BuLba

Dota 2 Team Liquid has neither confirmed nor made an announcement regarding the roster change but there had been numerous rumors regarding the upcoming replacement of their 5th position support, BuLba. Note that BuLba has been a prominent member of Team Liquid since its early days in the eSport scene, where he started playing as an offlaner for the said organization since 2013. But it appears that despite the team's acquisition of talented players, namely MATUMBAMAN and Miracle; both of which sit at the top of the MMR ladder in Europe, the organization still fails to perform significantly in the competitive scene.

After their failure of securing a spot for the Dota 2 Boston Major, it was already imminent that a change is coming for the team. But do you think that BuLba is the one that should be replaced? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below!

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